[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#547248: nvidia-libvdpau1 packages both libvdpau and libvdpau_nvidia

Stephen Warren swarren at nvidia.com
Thu Sep 17 22:56:09 UTC 2009

Package: nvidia-graphics-drivers
Version: 185.18.36-2

According to http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/nvidia-libvdpau1/filelist,
the package nvidia-libvdpau1 includes not just the NVIDIA VDPAU driver, but
also the VDPAU "wrapper" and "trace" libraries (libvdpau.so*,
libvdpau_trace.so*). Moving forward, it should only contain the NVIDIA
driver; the wrapper/trace libraries should be packages elsewhere.

The rationale behind this is that VDPAU headers, the wrapper and trace
library are all freely licensed, and hopefully soon to become a standard
API with multiple implementations. At some unspecified point in the future,
the NVIDIA-provided driver packages (NVIDIA-*.run) will no longer ship
these files. However, the NVIDIA implementation itself will still be part
of our driver, and should continue to be packaged as such.

In summary, I expect the following packages to exist:

libvdpau (free):
(built from freedesktop.org source; see URL below)

/usr/lib/libvdpau.so.1 ->
/usr/lib/libvdpau_trace.so ->

libvdpau-dev (free):
(built from freedesktop.org source; see URL below)

/usr/lib/libvdpau.so -> /usr/lib/libvdpau.so.1

nvidia-libvdpau (non-free):
(built from NVIDIA .run file)

/usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so ->

(where -> denotes a symlink)

FYI, see also:

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