[pkg-nvidia-devel] [patch 190xx] [2/k] vdpau cleanup

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sun Mar 28 17:01:28 UTC 2010


I attach a patch for nvidia-graphics-drivers from current SVN that does
some cleanup to the vdpau packaging.

The following 4 files are no longer needed and need to be removed from
the repository:


Changelog entries with some more comments:

  * Add Enhances: lib[32]vdpau1 to nvidia-vdpau-driver[-ia32].

I think Enhances: is the right way to tell libvdpau1 that it could use
this as a possible driver. lib32vdpau1 will be available if my patch
from #572206 gets applied to the libvdpau package.

  * Add Breaks: libvdpau1 (<< 0.4) to nvidia-vdpau-driver (new directory
    layout does not work with old wrapper)

I'm not exactly sure when libvdpau1 switched to use /usr/lib/vdpau ...
but 0.4 does

  * Add Depends: lib[32]vdpau1 | nvidia-libvdpau1[-ia32]
    to nvidia-vdpau-driver[-ia32].

Installing the driver is not useful if you don't have a wrapper that
could load it, so add some dependencies in that direction.

  * vdpau symlink cleanup: for the "plugins" only the
    /usr/lib[32]/vdpau/libvdpau_XYZ.so.1 -> libvdpau_XYZ.so.VERSION
    links are needed, nothing in /usr/lib[32]/ and no libvdpau_XYZ.so

That means no more compatibility symlink mess in /usr/lib pointing to
the "plugins". Works well, tested with mplayer.

  * Update symbols files and lintian overrides for moved vdpau libraries.

Files have been moved around ...

  * nvidia-vdpau-driver: drop postinst/postrm scripts.

There is no need to call ldconfig manually for the (de-)installation of
the driver package.

  * nvidia-vdpau-driver-ia32: add README.txt.
  * debian/control.in: update documentation references.

They were outdated or missing at all.

debian/control needs to be regenerated after applying this patch

Hoping this helps nvidia packaging ...

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