[pkg-nvidia-devel] applying patches for 195xx

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Wed May 19 16:18:38 UTC 2010

Hi Russ,

the following patches for n-g-d are currently pending:

"feature" patches - legacy support:

* ngd-195xx-05ofK-legacy-support-control.diff
* ngd-195xx-06ofK-legacy-support-source.v2.diff
* ngd-195xx-07ofK-legacy-support-use-LEGACY.diff
* ngd-195xx-08ofK-legacy-support-autorename.diff

"feature" patches - lintian overrides:

* ngd-195xx-09ofK-conditional-comment-placeholders.diff
* ngd-195xx-10ofK-conditionalize-lintian-overrides-part-1.diff
* ngd-195xx-11ofK-conditionalize-lintian-overrides-part-2.diff

"feature" patches - simplify *.install:

* Jordi's patch (with my modifications) for using debian/tmp

confirmed bugfix:

* ngd-195xx-12ofK-vga-arbiter-fixes.diff

packaging new libraries:

* ngd-195xx-13ofK-package-libnvidia-compiler.so.diff
* ngd-195xx-14ofK-package-libOpenCL.so.diff

nvidia-libvdpau* -> libvdpau* transition (may need some more testing):

* ngd-195xx-16ofK-glx-recommend-vdpau-driver.diff
* ngd-195xx-15ofK-make-nvidia-libvdpau-transitional.diff

more "features" (optional):

* ngd-195xx-17ofK-html-docs.diff
* ngd-195xx-18ofK-conflict-experimental-binutils.diff

improved bugreporting, highly recommended feature:

* ngd-195xx-19ofK-bug-control.diff

Experimental packages with all these patches applied can be found at

I could start to apply them (or a subset) if you want, just verified my
write permission on the repository.

I'll only be around today and tomorrow before going on holidays over
Pentecost and the week after.


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