Bug#628437: Antw.: Bug#628437: Display freezes after ksplash screen is finished

Andreas Feldner pelzi at flying-snail.de
Fri Aug 5 22:29:38 UTC 2011

What I did is to delete /etc/X11 and re-install the X packages. After that I 
installed the 280.13-1 versions of nvidia packages. The symptoms remain 
absolutely the same, so I assume there will be little value in testing the 
other versions you were referring to, either.


Am Montag 01. August 2011, 23:22:29 schrieb Andreas Beckmann:
> The following new driver versions are available:
>   * 275.09.07-5 (release) in testing
>   * 275.21-1 (release) in unstable
>   * 280.11-1 (beta) in experimental
> Please test them.
> Andreas

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