Bug#628437: Display freezes after ksplash screen is finished

Andreas Feldner pelzi at flying-snail.de
Sun Aug 21 19:13:56 UTC 2011


time is passing on, some new modules were compiled against the all-new kernel 
3.0, plus I'm getting new ideas!

Of course, nothing changed at all with the latest updates, behaviour remained 
as it was. However, I noticed that I could get the screen back to work when 
killing kwin, I could even start kwin and read out some log file - please find 
it attached! To me it looks like it is giving some answers even, though I 
don't understand them :(

What I found out in addition: I could get a sort-of-working desktop by 
starting twm, then messed around with KDE settings and switched off desktop 
effects ("Arbeitsflächeneffekte aktivieren" off, then apply). Hey ho, after 
that even kwm could be run without blocking the session.

Best regards,

Am Montag 01. August 2011, 23:22:29 schrieb Andreas Beckmann:
> The following new driver versions are available:
>   * 275.09.07-5 (release) in testing
>   * 275.21-1 (release) in unstable
>   * 280.11-1 (beta) in experimental
> Please test them.
> Andreas
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