getting nvidia-cuda-toolkit into testing

Andreas Beckmann debian at
Wed Aug 10 11:43:11 UTC 2011

Hi Russ,

On 2011-07-20 18:47, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Andreas Beckmann <debian at> writes:
>> do we need to do something special to get nvidia-cuda-toolkit 4.x into
>> testing?

> ftpmaster needs to remove the old binary packages, which is semi-automated
> but requires someone to kick it off by hand.  That happens periodically
> and it should just be a matter of waiting for a few days.  Then, it looks
> like the release team may have to hint nvidia-cuda-toolkit and
> khronos-opencl-headers in together, since it looks like they both break
> the other package in testing?

Nothing has changed ... could you look into it and push some buttons?



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