list of supported IDs

Andreas Beckmann debian at
Mon Aug 29 09:37:26 UTC 2011

On 2011-08-27 14:13, Ronny Standtke wrote:
> Hi all
> I have been trying out the new glx-alternatives system and I am very
> excited about it! It makes my live as a maintainer of a Debian Live
> based distribution that also includes drivers for proprietary GPUs much
> easier.

Great! Since you are testing this, you might have tried how
"downgrading" to the free drivers (nouveau, radeon) works while the
non-free ones are installed - this is something I didn't really try.
Probably the module blacklist entries in /etc/modprobe.d could be

> One thing I noticed is that there seems to be no file in the
> [fglrx/nvidia]-glx packages with an easy to parse corresponding list of
> supported IDs. This is needed in the init scripts of Debian Live based
> systems so that the correct actions (calling "update-alternatives --set
> glx <whatever>", creating a simple xorg.conf file, ...) can be made to
> fully support the current GPU.

We currently ship /usr/lib/nvidia/*/nvidia.ids in the
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia* packages, but I'm not sure how accurate these
are as the old script that extracted them from the kernel module does no
longer work.

I'm currently trying to get a new nvidia-detect package (built from
nvidia-graphics-drivers source) into the archive, this will (in a later
version, not the one currently in SVN) ship text files with PCI IDs for
the different nvidia packages available, probably using the same format
as the current nvidia.ids file. nvidia.ids was originally intended for
the xserver to autodetect the non-free drivers, but X is no longer
compiled with the option that enabled this, see

Please open a new wishlist bug report against nvidia-glx "Please ship
PCI ID lists of supported devices for use by live system
autoconfiguration scripts ..." or something titled similarly.


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