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Ronny Standtke ronny.standtke at
Tue Aug 30 08:38:25 UTC 2011

> Great! Since you are testing this, you might have tried how
> "downgrading" to the free drivers (nouveau, radeon) works while the
> non-free ones are installed - this is something I didn't really try.
> Probably the module blacklist entries in /etc/modprobe.d could be
> "problematic".

Oh, I didn't test this either as downgrading to the free drivers is not
really a use case for the main target audience of our distribution
(Swiss primary schools). Even if I wanted to test this scenario, I run
into a dependency hell while trying to backport the nvidia drivers to
squeeze and therefore I only use the backported glx-alternatives and
fglrx-glx packages at the moment. For nvidia I still use my own
all-drivers-in-one package (yes, it also includes the nvidia kernel
modules of all versions without conflicts).

> We currently ship /usr/lib/nvidia/*/nvidia.ids in the
> xserver-xorg-video-nvidia* packages, but I'm not sure how accurate these
> are as the old script that extracted them from the kernel module does no
> longer work.

Maybe you could create a new script that extracts this information from
the readme:
I guess/hope this information is more accurate.

> I'm currently trying to get a new nvidia-detect package (built from
> nvidia-graphics-drivers source) into the archive

Great! I already wrote a little detection script (see attachment) that
works with glx-alternatives, the backported fglrx-glx and my own nvidia
package. I'm absolutely not a shell script pro, so I guess my script is
probably very ugly and contains many silly things but it works perfectly
for my purposes and maybe contains some ideas you can build upon.

> Please open a new wishlist bug report against nvidia-glx "Please ship
> PCI ID lists of supported devices for use by live system
> autoconfiguration scripts ..." or something titled similarly.

OK, I will do so.

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