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Vincent Hindriksen vincent at
Mon Jun 27 13:57:34 UTC 2011

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the information and patience - for me it's still a maze, but
I'll write all things down I learn so others won't bug you.
For Gedit I made OpenCL lang-files, but for Gnome things go slightly

I have good contact with AMD, so I can easily find that out. For Intel
and IBM I need to make some calls. I'll start with AMD and try to follow
the procedures of WNPP.

I will look around in WNPP for the following problem I try to answer. At I wrote about a problem: is a library that looks als the ICDs and then includes the libraries. I think it should be open source, as it is simple and should be vendor-independent - will suggest the code too and also contact the developer who wrote it.

You'll hear from me, when I sorted it out with AMD. As I want to make
developing OpenCL on Debian/Ubuntu very easy (and easier than on other
OSes), this is just a start.

Kind regards,

Andreas Beckmann schreef op ma 27-06-2011 om 14:26 [+0200]:

> On 2011-06-27 13:08, Vincent Hindriksen wrote:
> > Hi Russ and Andreas,
> > 
> > At and I've found
> > OpenCL-related  packages, but I have not found the ones by AMD, Intel
> > and IBM (commonruntime). What do you think can be done best to get these
> > packages into Debian? If I package them in a Launchpad-PPA, then you can
> > easily put them in Debian?
> If you are missing something in Debian, first look in the WNPP bug list
> (work needed and prospective packages), for details see
> In your case a bug was already filed for AMD:
> Current blocker is the license which does not seem to allow
> redistribution. If you can help clarifying the license issue, that would
> be great!
> Packaging scripts are already there, see the above bug report.
> For the other vendors, could you post some URLs? Or even better open
> some RFP bugs (see the WNPP page for details) and add the pseudoheader
>     X-Debbugs-CC: pkg-nvidia-devel at
> so that we are aware of it. I can probably handle the packaging.
> Andreas
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