OpenCL in Debian

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jun 27 21:36:44 UTC 2011

Vincent Hindriksen <vincent at> writes:

> As I am a full-time user of Ubuntu (5 years now) and full-time working
> with OpenCL, I would be delighted to package them. I've
> package-experience, but not in cross-compiling for different
> architectures. As far as I understood Launchpad, that is exactly what
> the do automatically. But since all files are provided as binaries, that
> seems not to be a problem. There will be problems as there are new
> things I encounter, but I'm very willing to learn all these.

> If you could send me a link to documentation I should read&learn, there
> is a start.

It sounds like Andreas is willing to help, which is the best case.  :)
You can look at the current Debian packaging for the NVIDIA packages at:

which may be helpful as examples.  For building for multiple
architectures, currently we just build things for i386 and amd64
separately and upload, but we're trying to get the NVIDIA packages blessed
by the non-free autobuild network so that will no longer be required.

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