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Andreas Beckmann debian at
Mon Sep 5 08:49:16 UTC 2011

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On 2011-08-30 10:38, Ronny Standtke wrote:
> Oh, I didn't test this either as downgrading to the free drivers is not
> really a use case for the main target audience of our distribution

OK, never mind.

> (Swiss primary schools). Even if I wanted to test this scenario, I run
> into a dependency hell while trying to backport the nvidia drivers to
> squeeze and therefore I only use the backported glx-alternatives and
> fglrx-glx packages at the moment. For nvidia I still use my own
> all-drivers-in-one package (yes, it also includes the nvidia kernel
> modules of all versions without conflicts).

Backporting the drivers should become easier very soon. Both
nvidia-graphics-drivers (280.13-2, uploaded today) and fglrx-driver
(1:11-8-2 in SVN, not yet uploaded) contain instructions for backporting
in readme.source and a prepare-squeeze-backport target in debian/rules
that performs the necessary changes. The nvidia legacy drivers will be
updated in a few days.

In your solution you renamed the kernel module from nvidia.ko to
nvidia_${VERSION}.ko and load this explicitly from the script. Have you
tried what happens if the module is not yet loaded and loading is
triggered by starting X? Does this still work?


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