Bug#735424: nvidia-driver: New vesa test

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Wed Jan 22 12:16:51 UTC 2014

On 2014-01-22 09:55, Karsten wrote:
> I have done as described.
> After the reboot i land on the text shell.
> But now i got an interesting other result.
> When i log in and startx the screen is flickering and i can see
> for a short moment something like a desktop, then the screen is black.

This time the log shows a clean vesa install. And if vesa is not working
(even if it would be horribly slow), there seems to be something else
going on. It's not the nvidia driver being faulty - the same happens
there, but you don't see the flickering because its "too fast". I see
the same in the Xorg.log from both drivers - X is started successfully.

But right now I'm out of clues how to debug this further - the X
maintainers might help here to get vesa running. And if that is working,
switching back to nvidia should be no problem.


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