Bug#737217: nvidia-detect: incorrect detection for 304xx and current nvidia devices when using wheezy-backports nvidia-detect

Kent E. Mathern kmathern1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 21:29:38 UTC 2014

> But the wheezy "default" drivers are fine enough so that you don't need
> the backported driver.
> Its more interesting for the hardware support added after 304xx: there
> you will need nvidia-driver/wheezy-
> backports.
The distro I'm using is wheezy-based, but it's using the 3.12 series
wheezy-backports kernel. I think the "default" wheezy drivers stopped
working somewhere around the 3.8 or 3.9 kernel.

>> Here's an example using the pciid of a GeForce GT 640, 10de:1282
>>   Uh oh. Your card is only supported by the 71.86 legacy drivers series,
>> is not in any current Debian suite.
>> With wheezy-backports enabled, I believe it should have returned either
>> 'nvidia-driver' or 'nvidia-glx'.
> No, 71xx legacy hardware won't be supported by any newer driver.
That's the incorrect detection I'm talking about. The GeForce GT 640 is
fairly new,
I think was introduced in mid 2012, it's definitely not "71xx legacy
In a sid install nvidia-detect recommends nvidia-driver for that pciid, the
wheezy-backports nvidia-driver package will also support it.

> And 96xx is also unsupported in jessie.
Again, I'm using a wheezy base. 96xx supports the wheezy xorg version.
I need to doublecheck though to see if the wheezy-backports 96xx works
with a 3.12 kernel.

What brought this up is  I've created a script to install the nvidia driver,
and it uses nvidia-detect to select the correct nvidia driver package. If
going to be a longtime before nvidia-detect is "backports aware", I might
need to use some other detection method.
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