Bug#737217: nvidia-detect: incorrect detection for 304xx and current nvidia devices when using wheezy-backports nvidia-detect

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Fri Jan 31 21:46:47 UTC 2014

On 2014-01-31 22:29, Kent E. Mathern wrote:
> What brought this up is  I've created a script to install the nvidia driver,
> and it uses nvidia-detect to select the correct nvidia driver package. If
> it's
> going to be a longtime before nvidia-detect is "backports aware", I might
> need to use some other detection method.

Which means you might want some better machine parsable output ...
patches welcome ... and maybe some more switches to adjust behavior, e.g.

--distro wheezy
--distro wheezy-backports

should give different results in your case.

Glad to see someone is using nvidia-detect for some autodetection work,
maybe you can share your scripts for others to benefit from.

If you send patches, please against the lates version in experimental.
And once we have implemented something that works for you, we can push
this to bpo quickly :-)


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