Support for NVIDIA GTX 970/980

Vincent Cheng vcheng at
Sat Oct 11 07:17:44 UTC 2014

Hi Radek,

On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 3:33 AM, lyon <lyon at> wrote:
> Dear Debian NVIDIA Maintainers team,
> just a couple of weeks ago NVIDIA has release the new 900 series of their
> high-end graphic cards and I am wondering what is the plan for supporting
> this lineup in Debian.
> These cards seem to only be supported from the driver version 343.22 on and
> at this point there's no sign of support in the legacy 340.xx driver series.
> Is there any change to get these cards working with drivers available in
> backports and/or Jessie?

The pkg-nvidia team has decided on sticking with the 340.xx branch and
releasing that as part of jessie, reasons being that:

- it's a LTS release that will have support until 2019 (and that
includes security fixes) [1], whereas I wouldn't be surprised if
343.xx was no longer maintained upstream by the time the jessie freeze
is over
- it's also the last release branch that supports a number of pre-Fermi cards

So no, 343.xx won't be uploaded to jessie/sid before the freeze.
However, after jessie's release we'll work on backporting newer nvidia
releases to jessie via jessie-backports (once it opens up for
uploads); I'll also try to free up some time to prepare 343.xx
packages for experimental in the meantime.

Also, please send mail directly to the pkg-nvidia mailing list, not to
individual uploaders in the team.



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