Support for NVIDIA GTX 970/980

lyon at lyon at
Sun Oct 12 08:29:40 UTC 2014

Hello Vincent,

thank You for the details, I fully understand the reasons behind 
sticking with 340.xx as You described it. I'm pretty sure a package 
source available in the experimental branch will be sufficient for most.

I was able to build a set of deb packages with 343.22 driver myself with 
the help of scripts taken from 340.46 and beside the need of updating 
PCI ID list and symbols list everything went smooth when combined with 
3.16 kernel from backports. Let's hope there won't be any issues getting 
this into Jessie backports later on, then.



Dne 2014-10-11 09:17, Vincent Cheng napsal:
> Hi Radek,
> On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 3:33 AM, lyon <lyon at> wrote:
>> Dear Debian NVIDIA Maintainers team,
>> just a couple of weeks ago NVIDIA has release the new 900 series of 
>> their
>> high-end graphic cards and I am wondering what is the plan for 
>> supporting
>> this lineup in Debian.
>> These cards seem to only be supported from the driver version 343.22 
>> on and
>> at this point there's no sign of support in the legacy 340.xx driver 
>> series.
>> Is there any change to get these cards working with drivers available 
>> in
>> backports and/or Jessie?
> The pkg-nvidia team has decided on sticking with the 340.xx branch and
> releasing that as part of jessie, reasons being that:
> - it's a LTS release that will have support until 2019 (and that
> includes security fixes) [1], whereas I wouldn't be surprised if
> 343.xx was no longer maintained upstream by the time the jessie freeze
> is over
> - it's also the last release branch that supports a number of pre-Fermi 
> cards
> So no, 343.xx won't be uploaded to jessie/sid before the freeze.
> However, after jessie's release we'll work on backporting newer nvidia
> releases to jessie via jessie-backports (once it opens up for
> uploads); I'll also try to free up some time to prepare 343.xx
> packages for experimental in the meantime.
> Also, please send mail directly to the pkg-nvidia mailing list, not to
> individual uploaders in the team.
> Regards,
> Vincent
> [1]

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