Bug#755683: Same here, 1-2 second lag on screen updates and bad redraws.

Jonas Lippuner jonas at lippuner.ca
Wed Oct 15 04:27:26 UTC 2014

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Is there any news on this? Has the problem gone away with new packages
available in testing?

On Wed, 3 Sep 2014 23:07:26 +0100 Joe Mullally
<josephusmullally at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am also experiencing all the same issues as the two above posters
> in this bug report. - The screen can lag behing typing by 1-2
> seconds. Switching tabs or doing other UI actions in firefox takes
> 1-2 seconds, or hangs until I do some other UI activity. - Small
> graphical corruption in many applications (related?) - e.g. 
> highlighting the "Close-Window" X button on gnome-shell windows
> causes the image of the X to only be partially drawn.
> The lag comes and goes every minutes or so, I can't correlate it
> to any activity (idleness?).
> I tried to grab some profiles and stack traces using 'perf'
> (attached) of a test that demonstrates this bug. I am pretty new to
> 'perf' so YMMV. The test is pressing Up and Down once every 1-2
> seconds in "aptitute" in a terminal, which lags by 1-2 seconds
> consistently. During the lags, it looks like the CPU is spending
> most of the time in nvidia_drv.so or maybe in the kernel beneath
> that module (e.g. perf.report_4.txt). I could be totally wrong
> here.
> Unfortunately, I can't get perf to produce stack traces when the
> CPU is in any section of the NVIDIA Xorg nvidia_drv.so module
> (Closed source. Lack of debug symbols? Unusual compilation options
> that prevent stack unwinding?). If anyone has any suggestions on
> how to even get such an Xorg stacktrace of the call stack above the
> NVIDIA bits let me know and I can try to get it. It might help
> pinpoint what specific X calls to the driver are having issues and
> suggest a narrower test.
> I don't see this issues when using the nouveau driver, which I am 
> happily switching back to now :)

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