Bug#764639: libgl1-nvidia-glx: failst to upgrade or install with KMS (nouveau) active

Andrei POPESCU andreimpopescu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 19:45:57 UTC 2014

On Vi, 10 oct 14, 09:14:17, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> On 2014-10-10 08:09, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> >> If I try it again the script
> >> /usr/lib/nvidia/check-for-mismatching-nvidia-module gets stuck in D
> >> state. Also the bug script for the package gets stuck, I had to switch
> >> to disable KMS to be able to use reportbug.
> > 
> > It may be worth adding "set -x" to the script to see precisely where
> > it's getting stuck.
> The only point I could imagine to "block" is when the script tries to
> read /proc/driver/nvidia/version - which should only exist if the driver
> got loaded properly.

Trying to check older versions I discovered the bug is only triggered by 
the following sequence:

- use 'nvidia' (e.g. boot to graphical login)
- update-alternatives --set glx /lib/bin/mesa-diverted (and remove any 
  'nvidia' relevant bits from xorg.conf)
- reboot to use 'nouveau'
- dpkg -i libgl1-nvidia-glx

I can reproduce this with all 340.x. Going further back would require 
downgrading Xorg, so I didn't test. If you need any specific info don't 
hesitate to ask.

Hope this helps,
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