Nvidia Packaging

Graham Inggs graham at nerve.org.za
Tue Sep 9 13:21:26 UTC 2014

On 09/09/2014 08:37, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> That already went through NEW :-)

That was fast!

> They can provide several libcuda-X.Y-1 not only the latest.

Yes, but the Ubuntu drivers need to provide libcuda-6.0-1 before 
nvidia-cuda-toolkit 6.0 can be built on Ubuntu builders.

> That would be 2014/10? (Or however Ubuntu numbers this.)

Yes, 14.10, aka Utopic Unicorn.

> Graham, please tag your upload in SVN.

OK, done.

> OK, short review of Graham's ppa branch, too:
> * does xz compression really help? we are just bundling compressed
> files, so xz should take a lot of time for a small size gain over gzip

I did do some tests for 6.0 (file sizes in bytes):

gz default    1513938663
gz -9    1513937963
xz default    1486744588
xz -9e    1465889452
xz -9    1465797112

Switching from gz to xz -9 saves about 50MB on every mirror, and only 
takes a few minutes of one of us's time, once, when preparing a new version.
I think we should do this for 6.5.

> * stupid libcuinjXX conflicts: yes, we need them :-( (but put them on
> their own lines and add trailing commas)

I have committed those to the 6.0 branch.

> * everything else should be covered in my upload

I didn't find anything else missing.

> Please take a look at the lintian warnings. There are a lot of privacy
> breach warnings (experimental tags) in the documentation.
> Missing manpages could be written if you really want, but should *not*
> get lintian overrides.


> And now back to the beach before the sun gets too hot :-)


> PS: I think we can move discussion back to the list, I've fixed my
> subscription :-)


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