Nvidia Packaging

Vincent Cheng vcheng at debian.org
Fri Sep 12 08:13:59 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas,

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Andreas Beckmann <anbe at debian.org> wrote:
> On 2014-09-08 16:13, Graham Inggs wrote:
>> On 08/09/2014 14:01, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>>> For cuda 6.0/6.5 a DD will need to do the first upload, since that will
> That already went through NEW :-)

Thanks for taking care of the upload!

>> I do have 6.0 mostly packaged already, it's available in my Ubuntu PPA:
>> https://launchpad.net/~ginggs/+archive/ubuntu/testing
>> I must still update the Build-Depends to libcuda1 | libcuda-5.5-1, but
>> haven't yet because I wanted to test building it on the PPA builders and
>> the current nvidia drivers in Ubuntu don't yet provide libcuda-6.0-1
>> (but Alberto knows about this and I expect it very soon).
> They can provide several libcuda-X.Y-1 not only the latest.
> Note to self (or Vincent): n-g-d: libcuda1 add Provides libcuda-6.0-1
> (and maybe libcuda-6.5-1). This is not urgent since nothing in Debian
> should rely on this and therefore it is for documentation only.

Ack, I can do this in my next upload (planning to fix a few
conftest.sh related bugs).

> Graham, please tag your upload in SVN. I use svn-buildpackage, so it's
> just "svn-buildpackage ... --svn-tag" for the build (and --svn-tag-only
> for doing it after the build).
> Vincent, Graham, after doing the final commit, but before tagging (and
> uploading) please run "svn update". This ensures that your working copy
> is up-to-date (otherwise everything not touched in the last commit will
> be at an "older" revision) and the tag will be on that last commit -
> otherwise you'll do a mixed-version commit as in e.g. r4869

Ack, will keep this in mind for future uploads.

> Notes regarding conftest.h:
> The conftest.sh script does not work reliably/at all with Debian
> kernels, so it had been reimplemented long ago (even before I got into
> n-g-d stuff) as a .h. This needs to be updated whenever the conftest.sh
> changes. Also this is a union over all current and legacy drivers, so be
> careful deleting "unused" stuff. (Having unused defines does not hurt.)

Thanks, that answers one of the few concerns I had with my experience
packaging n-g-d so far. I still see Debian's conftest implementation
as a liability due to the possibility of Debian-specific bugs here,
but I have no better alternatives to suggest.

> And now back to the beach before the sun gets too hot :-)
> Greetings from Crete

Enjoy your vacation! :)


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