Bug#807579: going to skip complementing CUDA 7.0 support for ppc64el

lumin cdluminate at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 08:41:58 UTC 2016

Control: retitle 808883 [skipping] going to skip cuda 7.0 for ppc64el

Hi guys,

I've changed my mind after having a discussion with a DD,
after all Debian need a working CUDA (7.5) instead of 
a complete archive (7.0.28+ds1 with ppc64el), that's
the proper choise of value. After all 7.0 is not
working with sid's GCC-5.

This choise can also decrease work time for us.
Hence I'm closing the cuda 7.0 complement bug (#808883).

If nobody is object to this, I'll continue working on
CUDA 7.5 (#807579). And 7.5 won't miss the ppc64el.

Thanks. :-)

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