Bug#807579: [CUDA7.5] patch version 5

lumin cdluminate at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 12:42:08 UTC 2016

On Fri, 2016-01-08 at 13:47 +0200, Graham Inggs wrote:
> I think CUDA_VERSION_DRIVER should be 352.39 for CUDA 7.5.

Yes, nvidia 352+ is needed. That driver version in rules.defs
is still a [todo], as recorded in the changelog, and that's
because I'm now not familiar with the state of nvidia drivers.

The NVIDIA driver present in experimental is version 352.63:
nvidia-kernel-support/experimental 352.63-1 amd64
which is enough for the CUDA support.

> Don't we need nvidia-graphics-drivers for ppc64el before we can have 
> nvidia-cuda-toolkit for ppc64el?

I think it's ok that we upload ppc64el CUDA 7.5 before a ppc64el
driver is available...

It is worth noting that I'll be unavailable on packaging 
in the next few weeks, so please feel free to update the
CUDA 7.5 packaging if you want, basing on my patch version 5.
I'll come back to work in February.

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