testing packages against nvidia-cuda-toolkit 7.0

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Fri Jan 15 21:44:37 UTC 2016

On 2016-01-09 20:53, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> I've tested PyCUDA and it works without a problem with CUDA 7.0.
> What's the plan now? Will you upload CUDA 7.0 to unstable,
> or (based on lumin's work) wait for 7.5?

I have not decided, yet, but neither will happen before I have caught up
with the drivers.

> I'm asking because there's Python 3.5 transition (for which I'll need
> to build and upload PyCUDA myself), so I'd like to plan accordingly.

That transition is ongoing. If all you need is a binNMU to pick up the
updated dependencies, I can do that, you don't have to do a sourceful
upload unless you have other changes or a new upstream as well.
(I would build the binNMU locally (with the +b1 binNMU suffix), like I
do for other non-free packages from time to time, since these cannot be
built on the buildd network.)


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