Bug#909497: CUDA 10 available now

Mo Zhou lumin at debian.org
Mon Sep 24 14:43:26 BST 2018

Package: nvidia-cuda-toolkit
Version: 9.2.148-1
Severity: wishlist
Justification: new upstream release

Some notable points from the release notes:

1. CUDA 10.0.130, requires nvidia >= 410.48
2. CUDA 10.0 adds support for the Turing architecture (compute_75 and sm_75). 
3. Starting with CUDA 10.0, the CUDA runtime is compatible with specific
   older NVIDIA drivers. A new package called “cuda-compat-<version>” is
   included in the toolkit installer packages. For more information on
   compatibility, see the section in the Best Practices Guide. 
4. support Clang 6.0
5. this release introduces a new library, nvJPEG, for GPU accelerated
   hybrid JPEG decoding. 

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