[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] You want users to lose data?!?!

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Feb 29 11:30:47 UTC 2016

Hi Jos!

On Samstag, 27. Februar 2016 17:46:03 CET Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> > Deploying Owncloud in a docker container and upgrading it from git master
> > each  day?
> Fedora seems to be working that way [0], though of course running git master
> is not smart as the upgrade routines only work from one major release to
> the next, not on daily snapshots.

The article you mention doesn´t mention Owncloud at all.

Yes, Fedora seems to be working that way.

But do you know also whats up with the Owncloud packages by Fedora 

Someone mentioned a link to a mail of the Fedora Owncloud package maintainer, 
read it here:


The maintainer *gave up*. He *gave up*. His mail is perfectly clear about 

I really love to see a way forward for David and Sandro and everyone else 
contributing to Debian´s Owncloud and Owncloud Client packaging to continue 
the work and *enjoy* doing it.

I would be very sad for me to see them giving up, although I´d understand it.

> [0] https://lwn.net/Articles/675846/


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