[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] You want users to lose data?!?!

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Feb 29 11:54:58 UTC 2016

Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> I thought a polite email to this mail would be considered nice. [...]

It would have been.  I feel that a subject line accusing other
developers of trying to destroy users' data with a stack of four
exclamation/question marks isn't a polite email - it's reasonably likely
to upset people even before it's opened, like walking into a meeting and
screaming "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAIM PEOPLE?!?!" - it's just not
cricket and should only be done if you WANT to jar.

What looks like really bad cases among owncloud developers of "Not
Invented Here" hatred and love for keeping users on the upgrade
treadmill is a big motivation to use anything except owncloud when
possible. :(

I've lost data to owncloud upgrades in the past, plus suffered various
annoying side-effects of the poor integration of upstream owncloud
packages with debian.  I have much more confidence in my fellow debian
developers than I do with owncloud upstream, in both providing security
updates for the software it ships (and not just blindly pushing out new
versions that often cause as many problems as they solve - unless one
deliberately chooses to track unstable or testing) and providing stable
upgrades between stable versions.

> Moreover, I still have hope that Debian can adjust its policy of shipping known insecure and outdated software [1].

You say "shipping known insecure and outdated", I say "stabilised and
tested even if upstream are unwilling".  Potayter, Pohtahtoe.

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