[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#909588: Bug#909588: libqt5keychain1 seems not to find gnome-keyring service

Thomas Maaß mase at setho.org
Sun Oct 21 15:00:51 BST 2018

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All started, that the oc client did not remember the login. I am using
Buster with an XFCE desktop. So I decided to try out the nc client.
Because it is not packaged for Debian I had to compile it myself. The
same issue occured. It also lost its login. So I built again with
libsecret-1-dev installed. From now on everything worked as it should.
So I think, the oc client issue also can be fixed this way. Maybe it
is not enough, that qtkeychain is built against libsecret, but the oc
client isn't. I only described what I did to solve this issue. The
rest of my environment is a normal Debian Buster installation.
Maybe there are other XFCE or Gnome users that can reproduce this.


Am 21.10.2018 um 15:49 schrieb Sandro Knauß:
> Hey,
> I don't want to sound rough, but I don't have your setup and so I
> need your input in that issue. We had a lot of issues with
> qtkeychain in different environments in past and it looks we still
> have issues. But as this mostly rely on your setup, you need to
> give me more input, otherwise I can't improve the situation.
>> All I did is installing libsecret before building the nc client.
>> I did not rebuild qtkeychain.
> qtkeychain  depends on libsecret-1-0, so how you managed to not
> install libsecret-1-0 by installing owncloud client?
>> I did not try this with the oc client, because I am using nc on
>> my server
> and use the nc client built from source now. But I am pretty sure,
> building the oc client with libsecret installed would also fix the
> issue here.
> As I said before oc client do not depend on libsecret and nexcloud
> client does not depend on libsecret, too directly just via
> qtkeychain. So install libsecret while building, does not affect
> the build. Can you please tell the correct packagenames you
> installed that makes it working for you?
> Because I can't follow from a KDE environment and you are arguing
> from a self build package of a application that is not even inside
> Debian. Sorry but I need more proof and a explanation, why this
> helps, as I checked the code and couldn't find anything.
>> I don't get, why Debian did not package the nextcloud stuff yet.
> Sorry, but complaining about packages are not inside Debian - than
> please step up and make this happen. Because in most cases it is
> manpower missing. A minor issue is that nextcloud client only
> released a beta release, so nextcloud itself tells, it is not ready
> to general use.
> hefee


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