[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#909588: Bug#909588: libqt5keychain1 seems not to find gnome-keyring service

Sandro KnauƟ hefee at debian.org
Sun Oct 21 14:49:05 BST 2018


I don't want to sound rough, but I don't have your setup and so I need your 
input in that issue. We had a lot of issues with qtkeychain in different 
environments in past and it looks we still have issues. But as this mostly 
rely on your setup, you need to give me more input, otherwise I can't improve 
the situation.

> All I did is installing libsecret before building the nc client. I did not
> rebuild qtkeychain.

qtkeychain  depends on libsecret-1-0, so how you managed to not install 
libsecret-1-0 by installing owncloud client?

 > I did not try this with the oc client, because I am using nc on my server 
and use the nc client built from source now. But I am pretty sure, building 
the oc client with libsecret installed would also fix the issue here.

As I said before oc client do not depend on libsecret and nexcloud client does 
not depend on libsecret, too directly just via qtkeychain. So install 
libsecret while building, does not affect the build. Can you please tell the 
correct packagenames you installed that makes it working for you? 

Because I can't follow from a KDE environment and you are arguing from a self 
build package of a application that is not even inside Debian. Sorry but I 
need more proof and a explanation, why this helps, as I checked the code and 
couldn't find anything.

 > I don't get, why Debian did not package the nextcloud stuff yet.

Sorry, but complaining about packages are not inside Debian - than please step 
up and make this happen. Because in most cases it is manpower missing.
A minor issue is that nextcloud client only released a beta release, so 
nextcloud itself tells, it is not ready to general use.

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