[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Install required locale ...

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Thu May 24 14:52:48 UTC 2012

On Thursday 24 May 2012 16:08:11 Thomas Müller wrote:
> A special locale must be installed to support utf8 filenames.
> Is there any possibility to enforce installation of en_US.UTF-8?

IMO the problem should be solved where it is located, ie owncloud.

In that init() function there are some dubious 'default' settings anyway:
- Hardcoding locale to en_US.UTF8, while hardcoding the time zone to Europe/Berlin doesn't make any 
sense to me (lately changed to UTC, which still doesn't make sense)
Note: d-i selects the .UTF8 variant of the user choosen locale by default. If the user explicitly 
changes that, any errors resulting from that are his/her problem.
- Changing php's execution time to 60min, why? Well the comments say:
	//try to configure php to enable big file uploads.
	//this doesn´t work always depending on the webserver and php configuration.
	//Let´s try to overwrite some defaults anyways
Seriously, WTF? 
I don't know enough about php to tell if that would change a global php value, thereby affecting 
other webapps running on the webserver. 
Either way this is sth that has to be set explicitly by de webmaster/sysadmin who should be capable 
enough to tell whether that change would break other web apps running on that server.
- Setting the maximum filesize to 10G, again why? Why not 1G or 100G?

A much better way would be (imo) to query the OS for the appropriate values, possible set/overriden 
by a config file. If neither are available, sure, provide defaults.

My €0.02

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