[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Alpha packages (was: The 5.0 road)

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Tue Apr 2 12:11:05 UTC 2013

On Tuesday 02 April 2013 11:19:04 Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> Unfortunately, I found many, many small bugs in the web interface.
> Actually so many I didn't bother to make a list 

Not everyone uses the slogan "Release when it's ready" :-P
There are (still) 9 'ownCloud5_showstopper' and 4 'panic' bugs open.

> The main gripe I have with files that were shared previously amongst
> users in 4.0.8.  It is completely broken.

There are 39 open sharing bugs [1] of which 2315 [2] seems to be relevant.

I'd very much like that when someone installs the packages he/she gets the/a 
message saying to report bugs upstream, otherwise we could be flouded with bug 
reports which we can't fix (ourselves).

My 0.02,

[1] https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues?labels=sharing&page=1&state=open
[2] https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/2315

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