[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] owncloud client 1.5.0

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Mon Dec 16 10:24:46 UTC 2013

Sandro Knauß, 2013-12-14 03:06:36 +0100 :

> Hello Roland,

  Hi Sandro,

> actually owncloud-client 1.5.0 is on the way into the debian repos ( beta1 is 
> waiting in NEW). 

  That's great news :-)

> There are two lintian warnings taffit and I don't know how to 
> handle them correctly:
> libowncloudsync0: binary-file-built-without-LFS-support 
> usr/lib/libowncloudsync.so.1.5.0
> (not visible for amd64)
> owncloud-client-cmd: hardening-no-fortify-functions usr/bin/owncloudcmd

  It seems you found how to fix those (at least, I don't see them in my
i386 cowbuilder).

> And also we like to learn how to handle the symbols files correctly.

  I don't know much about symbols files, I'm afraid.  However, the
pkgkde_symbolshelper Debhelper component seems to handle stuff quite
nicely for you; removing the .symbols file in debian/ leads to a build
with no warnings about missing symbols, and Lintian ceases to complain.
It seems to me that this also applies to the ocsync source package.

> If you have any knowlage in these issues it would be very nice, if you
> could share it. Also a link to a docu/person would also be very
> valuable.

  I'm afraid I can't help more than that.  However, Jun'ichi Uekawa's
library packaging guide and the "shared libraries" section of the Debian
policy manual may be of use.


Roland Mas

Sauvez les castors, tuez les bûcherons.

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