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David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Tue Dec 31 15:00:29 UTC 2013

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[ Following up to the mailing list with Adam permission, please keep
  him CC on reply. Keeping full context of the part I’m replying to for
  people starting to follow now. ]

Le 31/12/2013 03:48, Adam Williamson a écrit :

> For now in Fedora
> we're simply dropping phpdocx, PHPExcel and dompdf entirely, it's a lot
> of packaging work to get them all un-bundled for the rather minor return
> of MS Office previews. I think we'd be happy to leave them out for the
> medium term, there's more important stuff to deal with first. I think I
> was slightly off the mark about tcpdf - in fact if anything it's tcpdf
> that lifts right out, I can't quite figure out why phpdocx is actually
> carrying a copy of it, I can't see anywhere it actually *uses* it. If
> you have any insight that'd be a help!

It’s actually dompdf itself (shipped in phpdocx) that could use tcpdf as
a backend, but “The TCPDF adapter is not ready yet” in the version used
for ownCloud:


> I took a look at the debian package already and we'll certainly rip off
> any patches that seem useful ;)

Happy if it can be of some use.

> It looks like you already have
> everything we have - the only path patch we have that you don't is for
> Pimple, but I'm not sure if you've unbundled that (yet).

Indeed we haven’t unbundled it yet (it’s really a short one IIRC), but
I’d appreciate a few pointers to what you’ve already done (I’m a bit
lost in Fedora-land, but I’m confident I’ll be able to navigate if I
have an idea about where to start with).

> I've also been taking some swings at the Doctrine/DBAL stuff which might
> interest you - I managed to map almost all the OwnCloud patches to
> upstream commits,

Thanks a lot for the detailed information, I may bounce your initial
message directly to the list if someone is willing to look at it: I’m
not sure that I wish to maintain a patched version of Doctrine/DBAL
right now, but I really appreciate your follow up upstream so we can all
benefit of the improvements.

For the record (as already told in IRC), the owncloud Debian package
currently ships an embedded patched copy of Doctrine/DBAL, since using
the php-doctrine-dbal package ends up in failing to upgrade from ownCloud 5.

> Gregor (the owner of Fedora's owncloud package) is currently working on
> packaging php-opencloud, and I'm going to take a look at irodsphp
> tomorrow. And to think I do this for *fun*...=)

If it’s of any help, we already took care of those in Debian:
  - http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/php-opencloud.html
  - http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/php-irods.html
(those pages should link to any relevant material for developers, but
feel free to ask for more information if needed).



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