[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#757762: Bug#757762: owncloud-client: Confusing NEWS.Debian entry

Gaudenz Steinlin gaudenz at debian.org
Fri Aug 22 14:51:20 UTC 2014

Hi Sandro

Sandro Knauß <bugs at sandroknauss.de> writes:

> Hey,
> Thanks for your bugreport. It is quite hard to say if it still valid, that the 
> oCC will sqash your configuration. We just tried the instalation 1.5 -> 
> 1.6.0~beta and were faced with this issue, thats why created the NEWS entry. 
> But maybe the problem was solved and occ is not showing the config dialog at 
> all. It would be great if you could test more upgrade 1.5 -> 1.6 with 
> different configurations (actually add more folders etc.). If all works fine, 
> we can skip the NEWS entry completly :) That would be the best solution for 
> all.

Do you have some more hints on what to try? The configuration I tried
has 3 different synchronization folders. So it's already quite complex.


> Regads,
> sandro
> --
>> In default installations apt-listchanges is installed and configured to
>> show NEWS entries without asking for confirmation. Because of this it's
>> important that these entries understandable to the average user of a
>> package and offer advice on how to solve the described problems.
>> The NEWS.Debian entry for version 1.6.0~beta1+dfsg-1 is quite confusing
>> because it does not offer any solution to the described problems and the
>> nature and implications of the problem are quite unclear (at least to
>> me).
>> Guessing from what's not really spelled out in the text but probably
>> implied, the problem seems to be that all client settings are reset or
>> appear to be reset. Is this correct?
>> I could not verify this because at least for me when upgrading from
>> 1.5.0+dfsg-4 to 1.6.2+dfsg-1 the problem did not show up. All settings
>> were preserved and I did not see the setup wizard again.
>> Please also add clear instructions on how to remedy the situation.
>> Including on how to abort updating if not all required credentials are
>> known. At least in the default configuration apt-listchanges does not
>> offer the option to abort the installation.
>> The current english text reads quite bumpy. Some suggestions to improve
>> the wording. This is based on my understanding of what's happening. It
>> may be wrong. I'm not a native english speaker either, so best let your
>> your final wording review by someone on the
>> debian-i10l-english at lists.debian.org mailinglist. This list was created
>> to aid everyone review their user visible texts like NEWS entries and
>> debconf templates.
>> ----
>> After upgrading from version 1.5.X all settings can be reset and the
>> setupWizard may be shown again. This happens if XXXX.
>>   * Make sure you know your OwnCloud password as you will be required to
>>     enter it again.
>>   * While all settings are reset, synchronization will continue in the
>>     background without any visual feedback. If needed you can check this
>>     in the log window.
>> ----
>> Thanks for maintaining and improving owncloud-client!

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