[Pkg-pascal-devel] Please review ddrescueview packaging

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat May 16 18:35:36 UTC 2015

Hi Graham,

On 11-05-15 14:00, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Please would a member of pkg-pascal review and hopefully sponsor my
> package?

Have you submitted your (rather small) manpage upstream?

Have you submitted your desktop file upstream?

Please comment your lintian override.

How did you create the xpm? I assume you created it from the ico, can't
you do that at build time instead?

Isn't the "Feature" list on the upstream website worth mentioning in the
description of the package?

Have you considered asking upstream to provide a gz/bz2/xz (and signed)
tar-ball? When I use uscan to download the upstream zip I get a gz file,
while you checked in a xz file. Shouldn't we make sure we always get the
same (xz) compression?

Building right now...


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