[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#793991: Update on bug#793991: lazarus: armel and armhf builds stall

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Fri Aug 21 11:14:16 UTC 2015

Just so everybody can be aware, Graham and me here at Debconf15 have
been working on a strategy to tackle this and I have been working on and
off the last couple of days to work on the first track with mild
success. Graham will hopefully be able to work on the second track when
he returns home.

Track 1):
- Hypothesis: the issue exposes a threading problem in the arm
  implementation of fpc
- This track will only help us to get more upstream involvement and
  maybe solve the issue in experimental
- This may mean that all the build packages on ARM don't work properly
  anyways if they use threading
- Actions1:
  * Build fpc from the trunk tree (maybe the issue is solved already
  * Build lazarus with that
  * Build a reverse dependency and see that the issue is gone.
- Actions2:
  * Run the reverse dependencies on ARM hardware and see if they work

Track 2):
- Hypothesis: the new lazbuild implementation is broken on arm
- This track can just be applied in the current unstable but is not
  sustainable in the future.
- Actions:
  * Revert (only) the change in lazbuild
  * Build a reverse dependency and see that the issue is gone.

Track 3):
- Hypothesis: there is an issue with the current optimization on ARM
  (maybe this explains why the debugging rebuild of Abou run
- This may be a full solution for Debian
- Actions:
  * Rebuild the whole stack with debugging symbols on (this is the
    default for c programs in Debian anyways)
  * Rebuild the whole stack with different optimization (on ARM only?)

Question to Abou:
- how did you build with debugging symbols on?
- how did you install your new packages in order to build the package
  with your new package on the porterbox?


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