[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#820566: view3dscene: please stop depending on libpng12-0

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Tue Apr 19 18:44:15 UTC 2016

On Mon, 11 Apr 2016 15:34:30 +0200 Michalis Kamburelis
<michalis.kambi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure what is the dependency ldd detects. It seems that
> something (possibly some unit inside FPC RTL?) uses the PNG unit
> (which links to libpng in a traditional way and will be detected like
> this by ldd).

View3dscene doesn't need a Depends on libpng* itself, because it pulls
it already (always) in via its dependency on libgtk-pixbuf*.
Unfortunately, see bug 820708, this doesn't mean that it works as CGE
doesn't find the libpng16 so file yet.


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