[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#845498: Bug#845498: Bug#845498: /usr/bin/fpc-3.0.0: Provide cross-compilers

Ben Longbons brlongbons at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 02:39:28 UTC 2016

I got it completely working now! I did have to repack
binutils-{i586,x86-64}-linux-gnu though.

Tested that I can generate both i386 and aarch64 binaries, solely by
specifying `-P`. Still haven't actually tested linking with libc, for
that we'll need to do something nasty about /lib32/ (probably just
some ifdefs based on the *host* platform - need to extend the arch
tables for that)

For packaging, you'll almost certainly want to split up the
fp-compiler bits into 2-5 packages
(fp-compiler-{bin,driver,config,config-$fpc_target}). Note that the
new /etc/fpc/debian.cfg must be installed from the *unversioned*
package - which will require a "backwards" dependency
(fp-compiler-config-3.0.0 depends on fp-compiler-config-common).

Updated the GIST at the same URL:


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