[Pkg-pascal-devel] PIE / Fortify problems with GOverlay (uses Lazarus)

Stephan Lachnit stephanlachnit at protonmail.com
Tue Sep 8 08:30:12 BST 2020

Hi Abou,

sorry for the late reply, it has been a quite busy month for me.

> However you can already have a look at the Debian compiler options which is passed to fpc as follows:
> Thi sfile is created by make file as follows:
> 	echo '# FPC configuration file for build system tools' > $@
> 	echo '-k${LDFLAGS}' >> $@
> 	echo '-Fl/usr/lib/${DEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH}' >> $@
> Please let me know if it works.

The problem is, it don't even know how to apply the build options. The projects builds with lazbuild, and I didn't find any option to specify any compiler options.

If there is a way that requires modifying the Lazarus config of GOverlay, I can probably push that upstream.


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