[Pkg-pascal-devel] Castle Game Engine 7.0-alpha.1 release, view3dscene 4.0.0

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 19:56:28 GMT 2021

tools/texture-font-to-pascal/texture-font-to-pascal_compile.sh calls

    castle-engine compile

The castle-engine is our command-line build tool. In theory it should
not depend on OpenGL, but in practice it does, just because it was
easier to make. Of course it doesn't open any OpenGL context, but it
requires that OpenGL library is present on the system (just like any
other GUI OpenGL application would require).

The error message means that it fails to open OpenGL at runtime, that
is dlopen('libGL.so.1', ...) fails (it is done inside FPC GL unit).

IOW, build-dependencies of CGE must require an OpenGL installed. (No
need for any libxxx-dev packages in case of OpenGL, we open it using
dlopen, but the OpenGL library 'libGL.so.1' must be available, as for
any other OpenGL-using application.) I'm not sure what is the best way
to declare it in Debian, but any other OpenGL application may serve as
example I guess (e.g. extremetuxracer depends on libgl1).

As for version: CGE works with basically any OpenGL version, using
various OpenGL 2 or 3 features if available, but also supports even
OpenGL 1.2 for ancient GPUs. On Linux, as far as I know, the
'libGL.so.1' is traditionally the main OpenGL library which everybody
opens, and then you access proper OpenGL API based on
"glGetString(GL_VERSION)" information we get at runtime.


wt., 23 lut 2021 o 23:54 Abou Al Montacir <abou.almontacir at sfr.fr> napisał(a):
> I'm trying to build CGE 7.0-alpha for experimental and hit the following issues:
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/toolios.pas
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/tooliospbxgeneration.pas
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/toolandroidmerging.pas
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/toolnintendoswitch.pas
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/toolmacros.pas
> Compiling tools/build-tool/code/toolpackagecollectfiles.pas
> Linking tools/build-tool/castle-engine
> 723852 lines compiled, 21.5 sec
> tools/texture-font-to-pascal/texture-font-to-pascal_compile.sh
> An unhandled exception occurred at $00000000008AC60B:
> Exception: Could not load OpenGL from libGL.so.1
>   $00000000008AC60B
> There are no additional information.
> Can that be because build should depends on a specific OpenGL version?
> --
> Cheers,
> Abou Al Montacir
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