[Pkg-pascal-devel] Castle Game Engine 7.0-alpha.1 release, view3dscene 4.0.0

Abou Al Montacir abou.almontacir at sfr.fr
Sun May 2 11:15:17 BST 2021

Hi Paul, Hi Michalis,

On Sun, 2021-05-02 at 00:08 +0200, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> Paul Gevers <elbrus at debian.org> wrote:
> > I think we stripped files like these from older versions. We should dothe
> > same again. d/copyright has this:
I have dded them to filter section of gbp.conf
Is that OK?

> > Comment: Upstream ships convenience Windows dll files, a prebuildandroid
> > library and gradle files, all without source.
> > We should add those new libraries to the list of files and directoriesto
> > strip.
> We actually publish exact source code for some of these, like
> https://github.com/castle-engine/android-freetype
> https://github.com/castle-engine/android-tremolo
> https://github.com/castle-engine/android-openal
> Still, it is probably easiest to just remove them from Debian CGEpackage now.
> This would be consistent with what we do in Debian CGEpackage with other such
> libraries (we have some precompiled librariesfor Android and Windows). It
> means that one cannot build Android orWindows applications using Debian CGE
> package, but that is notcritical.
> Looks like I just simply forgot to extend "makestrip-precompiled-libraries"
> command to account for the freetypeservice. Done now, in
> https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/commit/acfe28d73c826dc71161bb4423f1620923c7a6a9
> , so you can just apply it in Debian.
Is that required if we strip them upon source import?
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