[Pkg-pascal-devel] lazarus is marked for autoremoval from testing

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Sun Jan 1 23:11:02 GMT 2023

Keeping this branch of the discussion in pkg-pascal-devel.

Looking at the VMG build log -

The following NEW packages will be installed:
   fp-compiler fp-compiler-3.2.2 fp-units-base fp-units-base-3.2.2 
   fp-units-fcl-3.2.2 fp-units-gtk2 fp-units-gtk2-3.2.2 fp-units-misc
   fp-units-misc-3.2.2 fp-units-rtl-3.2.2 gettext gettext-base groff-base
   intltool-debian lcl-gtk2-2.2 lcl-nogui-2.2 lcl-units lcl-units-2.2 
   lcl-utils-2.2 .......

If Samuel cannot or won't add libgtk2.0-dev as a dependency to VMG then 
maybe adding it to lcl-gtk2-2.2 will solve the problem ? Its really a 
case of putting the cart ahead of the horse but ....

My view is VMG should specify libgtk2.0-dev as a build dependency, I do 
for my GTK2 packages. And a fix to VMG is a lot smaller job that asking 
Abou to re-release Lazarus but there you go !


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