Bug#397216: libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl: FTBFS: wrong byteswap on mipsel and arm

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Fri Dec 1 03:20:40 CET 2006

Niko Tyni dijo [Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 11:36:26PM +0200]:
> On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 11:11:18PM +0200, Niko Tyni wrote:
> > The libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl package version 1.05-1 fails
> > to build from source on the mipsel [1] and arm [2] architectures
> > because some of the tests fail:
> This was because of #397619 in cfitsio3, fixed in 3.006-1.3 (in unstable,
> not yet in etch.)
> I'm CCing the mipsel and arm buildd maintainers. Could you please requeue
> libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl?

Wookey, one of the ARM porters, confirmed me (on Nov. 21) that it was
still not buildable:

(08:13:44 PM) wookey: gwolf - the patch in #339758 does not seem to be
    in /usr/include/fitsio2.h in libcfitsio3
(08:13:57 PM) wookey: that might explain why its not workgin
(08:45:30 PM) wookey: rebuiding libcfitsio3 with the patch now
(09:50:29 PM) wookey: OK, with a rebuilt patched  libcfitsio3
libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl build and runs tests OK too 
(09:51:59 PM) wookey: so the prob seems to be that the (final) just
    got missing out of cfitsio3_3.006-1

I'm sorry for asking him and not following up on his reply - Could you
check this with him on IRC? (...maybe I should declare myself on
semi-VAC? :( )


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