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Kristinn Guðjónsson kristinn at
Sun Aug 28 20:53:01 UTC 2011


I just wanted to ask, since this e-mail address is noted as the one of the package maintainer of libdbd-sqlite3-perl, when could I expect to see an updated package of the library?

The reason why I ask is that according to the changelog of DBD::SQLite:

1.33 Mon 20 May 2011
    - Production release, no changes from 1.32_04

1.32_04 Fri 20 May 2011
    - Updated to SQLite (ISHIGAKI)

That is version 1.32_04 contains support for the version of SQLite, something that is required to read some of the newer SQLLite database. Some of the forensics tools out there that are written in Perl use this library to parse the SQL-Lite database, and these tools are starting to fail now while trying to parse some artifacts found on systems due to the fact that the applications are using later version of SQL-lite.

If there is anything I can do to speed up the process, then I'm willing to assist, otherwise it would be great to hear when it could be expected...

With regards
Kristinn Gudjonsson

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