[pkg-php-pear] Bug#656960: [RFR] - Multiple (4) PEAR packages needed by PHPUnit - Was: [RFR] - PHP_Timer (Needed by phpunit)

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Apr 18 14:02:55 UTC 2012


It took me a long time to find out how to delete the "master" branch on
Alioth. Here's how, for the record, and google... :)

1/ ssh to Alioth, and go in let's say /git/pkg-php/php-file-iterator
2/ git checkout debian-sid wont work, instead, we should do:
git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/debian-sid
3/ git branch -D master

So I did this for php-file-iterator, php-timer, php-text-template and
php-token-stream. From now on, please make sure that you are working on
the debian-sid branch. Again, this is just for consistency with the
other PEAR packages maintained in /git/pkg-php.

On 04/11/2012 01:59 PM, Luis Uribe wrote:
> I added newlines to php-timer, php-token-stream, php-text-template and
> php-file-iterator, the first three have master-sid and upstream-sid
> braches, the last one still have master, master-sid and upstream-sid. I
> will try to fix that tomorrow. 
> Regarding debian/copyright: all the packages have a channel.xml file in a
> patch, should we deal with it like we do with the .reg file in the
> pear-phpunit-channel? Or that file needs explicit permission for
> distribution? (I download it from http://pear.phpunit.de/channel.xml)

That's clearly problematic. Every single file in a package *must* be
linked to a license. Best would be to get in touch with the maintainers
of pear.phpunit.de and ask them about it. We may reasonably assume that
it's the same license as other files though (eg: BSD, which is in all
packages), so I don't think this is a blocker, but we have to make sure.
Can you take care of contacting upstream and ask?

> That's the update for these four packages, i expect to have more
> packages and a detailed list of dependences in the debian wiki
> by this weekend.

Which wiki page are you talking about? Did I miss the URL? :)

I have uploaded both php-file-iterator, php-timer, php-text-template and
php-token-stream. If they don't get rejected (I think they didn't), it
will soon appear in the NEW queue, waiting for ftp-master approvals.

Will you soon make some new packages for the rest of the
pear.phpunit.de? Especially, php-codecoverage seems to be used a lot in
PEAR unit tests...

Thanks Luis, for your contribution.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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