[pkg-php-pear] PHPUnit packaging effort (Another set of packages)

Luis Uribe acme at eviled.org
Sat Apr 21 21:54:54 UTC 2012


On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 10:02:55PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> 1/ ssh to Alioth, and go in let's say /git/pkg-php/php-file-iterator
> 2/ git checkout debian-sid wont work, instead, we should do:
> git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/debian-sid
> 3/ git branch -D master

That's the same thing i was trying to do, but it seems that if i ssh to
aliot.d.o or anonscm.d.o instead git.d.o i can't update any of my git
repos. A silly mistake.

> So I did this for php-file-iterator, php-timer, php-text-template and
> php-token-stream. From now on, please make sure that you are working on
> the debian-sid branch. Again, this is just for consistency with the
> other PEAR packages maintained in /git/pkg-php.


> That's clearly problematic. Every single file in a package *must* be
> linked to a license. Best would be to get in touch with the maintainers
> of pear.phpunit.de and ask them about it. We may reasonably assume that
> it's the same license as other files though (eg: BSD, which is in all
> packages), so I don't think this is a blocker, but we have to make sure.
> Can you take care of contacting upstream and ask?

I just send him an email. CC to pkg-php-pear list.

> Which wiki page are you talking about? Did I miss the URL? :)

I just created it today: http://wiki.debian.org/PHP/PHPUnit3.6

As you can see there is some other packages that needs to be in Debian,
I copy the list from [1]PHPUnit's github page. I'm working in the two
ITP's and expect to have a usable package in one or two days, then i
will continue with the RFP's. 

[1] https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit


Luis Uribe
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