[pkg-php-pear] new contributor, wants to package Analog

François-Régis frv at miradou.com
Tue Feb 4 17:13:26 UTC 2014

Hi David,

Le 04/02/2014 16:42, David Prévot a écrit :
> Hi François-Régis,
> Le 04/02/2014 10:06, François-Régis a écrit :
>> I'm going to overtake maintenance of packet galette, and asociated
>> plugins (no uploaded yet). Galette uses analog
>> (https://github.com/jbroadway/analog) and I'd like to package it to
>> avoid embedded code. Analog is not a PEAR module but uses composer, do I
>> need to follow the debian-sid scheme for git branches ?
> Thanks for considering maintaining those new packages into the team.
> About the debian-sid scheme for git branches, last time I asked (end of
> June 2013, early July 2014), I had not been convinced that was more of a
> personal preference of the initial drafters of the current policy. I
> don’t use it myself (nor do I impose an export-dir) in the packages I’ve
> introduced, as I prefer the default gbp layout (for multiple reasons,
> including an out of the box support of any third party tools, e.g.
> debi), and I would certainly not enforce anyone to do use the debian-sid
> scheme.

Great, I felt uncomfortable with this scheme.

So package source control can be found there :

And git is there :

Do I need to join  https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-php/ and if
yes is there a particular process (like collab-main) ?

Do I need to file a RFS bug ?



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