[pkg-php-pear] new contributor, wants to package Analog

"David Prévot" david at tilapin.org
Tue Feb 4 18:30:17 UTC 2014

Hi François-Régis,

> Le 04/02/2014 16:42, David Prévot a écrit :
>> Le 04/02/2014 10:06, François-Régis a écrit :

> Do I need to join  https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-php/ and if
> yes is there a particular process (like collab-main) ?

Yes please, just subscribe via the Alioth web interface, and once you’re
there, please move your Git packaging repository into it.

> Do I need to file a RFS bug ?

That shouldn’t be necessary, but do not hesitate to do so (X-D-ccing this
list) in case your request gets unnoticed (that shouldn’t happen, but you
might get unlucky at a moment where nobody has any spare time to review
it, so you may wish to open an RFS bug as a “ping”).

I just had a (very) quick look at the package, not even tried to build it,
but here are some comments after it (I may have more precise comments
after a closer look: I didn’t even looked at the upstream part yet):
- changelog: the ITP bug number looks wrong;
- control:
  - Vcs-* needs fixing (cf. supra);
  - Depends:
    - php-common (>= 5.3.0) should be brought by
${phpcomposer:Debian-require} (in its correct form)
    - there is no php-curl package (why is it needed?)
    - “cme check dpkg” will probably find more errors
- copyright: s/MIT/Expat/
- gbp.conf: might not be accurate nor needed
- README.source: useless template
- watch: may handle “analog_0_9_0_beta”-like versions
- examples could be shipped.

Given the Depends errors, I can only assume the package is uninstallable,
and thus has not been tested. I strongly advise to properly test your
package before seeking for sponsor.



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