[pkg-php-pear] php-psr-log package

François-Régis frv at miradou.com
Wed Feb 5 21:42:24 UTC 2014

Hi David,

Thank you for reviewing my poor contribution.

Le 05/02/2014 21:02, "David Prévot" a écrit :

> Again, please provide the packaging repository on Alioth, and fix the
> Vcs-* field in control.

As far as I know, I have still no access to alioth and I don't know what
I can do more than request it...

> Again, s/MIT/Expat/ in copyright, and please consider using the same
> license as upstream for the packaging.

Very sorry for that I fix it and try to unserstand what's underlying.

> I have no intent to look further until the currently pointed issues don’t
> get fixed (or explained), and would really appreciate not to repeat myself
> from one review to the next one (i.e., I may quickly get tired to start
> sentences with “Again,” ;), but if you don’t understand a remark, please
> say so (someone else may phrase it differently if needed — given your
> name, we may also likely understand each other better in French, so it
> could also be a temporary workaround to add a French translation of the
> things we have a hard time to get if needed).

I understand and have understood. For this one I've done the whole tests
build it with debuild, gbp buildpackage pbuilder run lintian, rebuild
from git in another directory, recheck everything, install on sid the on
wheezy, uninstall chek for files, upload on mentors, see that upstream
source contain .git data, remove it re upload, (that was not shown by
previuous checks), seen that there were extraneous space in control,
correct it.  And forgot whatever.

I apologize for my first submission, it was a mess, I now understand
what was skrewd up. But this one is better (cause it's easier). So
please have a look at it.

I really want to help php packaging ; five years ago it was quite
impossible for me to use debian packages for applications like spip or
gallery and I had to use tarballs from upstream and I want to change
this (for me and perhaps some other users).

Yes I'm a native french speaker, whoever could have this strange
first-name, netherless I don't thing I miss anything from an english
flow althought what I'm writing is very far from Oxford english. Just
hope it's understable.

>> Do I need to change RFP to ITP ?
> Yes please: https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#howto-rfp

Ok, I'm doing it


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