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David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Feb 5 22:10:28 UTC 2014

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Hi François-Régis,

Le 05/02/2014 17:42, François-Régis a écrit :
> Le 05/02/2014 21:02, "David Prévot" a écrit :
>> Again, please provide the packaging repository on Alioth, and fix the
>> Vcs-* field in control.
> As far as I know, I have still no access to alioth and I don't know what
> I can do more than request it...

As far as <https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-php/> looks, frv-guest
(François-Régis Vuillemin) is a member of pkg-php, so nothing should
stop you from uploading you packaging repository to alioth (unless there
is another François-Régis Vuillemin around;).

>> Again, s/MIT/Expat/ in copyright, and please consider using the same
>> license as upstream for the packaging.
> Very sorry for that I fix it and try to unserstand what's underlying.

The s/MIT/Expat/ is documented in the specification, and using the same
license as upstream is something nice to have, as it helps getting patch
or other stuff integrated upstream.

I even started to remove the debian/* stanza of the packages I’m the
only one who worked on the packaging, to make it clear I’m happy with
the upstream license and that I don’t give a damn of being the copyright
holder of the packaging work (that usually end up being some short stuff
thanks to the dh helper and the like, and may not even be copyrightable


> […] this one is better (cause it's easier). So
> please have a look at it.

I’ll certainly do so once there is a Git packaging repository on alioth
to look at (that will have the aforementioned details fixed, of course).

> I really want to help php packaging

And you’re very welcome.

> what I'm writing is very far from Oxford english. Just
> hope it's understable.

Same here: if you manage to understand me, that fine (I must admit I
didn’t get your last reply about Analog, but hopefully, it will become
clear once we’ll have a common repository to look at).



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