[pkg-php-pear] php-analog review (was: php-psr-log package)

"David Prévot" david at tilapin.org
Sat Feb 15 19:17:51 UTC 2014

Hi François-Régis,

> Please, fix the php-analog Git repository: you merged again your master
> branch back into the upstream’s master branch (please clean up the
> pristine-tar branch too while you’re at it).

Actually, the pristine-tar branch doesn’t work for me at all, please do
import the tarball fetched with uscan there.

Here is a quick review of the debian/ packaging:

Please “echo .pc > ~/.gitignore” instead of editing .gitignore of every

More ${phpcomposer:
 are available, please use them (even if they’re empty

Please document Upstream-Contact.
At least lib/ChromePhp.php license should be documented.

Please run “dh clean” prior to “git add” (the “php-analog.” prefix is
useless for the filename).

“/Analog” might be too much.
Please use d/examples to install examples (see dh_installexamples(1)).

“cme check dpkg” dies on checking it, please fix the DEP-3 header (or
alternatively, handle patches with gbp pq).

DEP-8 is about testing the installed package, not the source one.

https://github.com/jbroadway/analog/releases provides an early draft of
upstream changelog you may wish to include.

I’ll review the upstream part once you’ve double checked d/copyright.

php-psr-log uploaded in the mean time, thanks.

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